Buying backlinks Cheap Rocks

Or why backlinks will set you back min. 2,500 euros monthly with us!

Of course buying backlinks (doesn’t) rock! Why the doesn’t in brackets? Well, because it is still possible to trick Google, which can be what backlinks do. And there are (increasingly less) companies and SEOs that are successful performing it. For us as agency and service provider it is VERY CLEAR: we don’t buy backlinks, and do not locate them sensible.

Yes, this is a competitive advantage in case you discover how to get backlinks, conceal them in their link profile instead of (yet) be identified by Google. Or who buy excellent backlinks at publishing houses and also other reputable sites, where Google doesn’t uncover (or can’t find out) and identify these as previously being bought. But after the morning, it doesn’t make sense for your customer.

Except? Except if they desire it.
What? We buy backlinks cheap for customers if they want? Well no, because we don’t have got more customers that are looking this, or rather, there aren’t any more that individuals would recommend this to. None? None. Because we’ve got carried this out simply during the past so we are (were) in good company within the SEO agency scene. Our impression, though, is the fact that all of the uncreative, SEO-heavy providers available buy more links than ever. They do this given that they don’t contain the processes and methods (and competencies) to organically generate or gather useable links. And accordingly, such agencies today have to rely much more on buying links.

No, this isn’t a no-holds-barred bashing of agencies who buy links. There are absolutely verifiably reputable and competent colleagues/SEO agencies who still get quality backlinks. Why? Well, because Google’s algorithm isn’t exceptional ;o) But jokes aside (no, really!). Agencies mostly get backlinks because the company’s budget doesn’t enable reasonable linking. You can spin and flip it however you like, however with a three-digit fee every month, it is NEVER EVER possible to formulate useable references on the Internet. Or references on sites where it makes SENSE for your visitor to watch out for related links to (commercial) offers. And even in to the four-digits, there MUST BE (at the very least for people) a couple in the front. Anything less just doesn’t sound right. Because the whole thing requires massive prep work, a great deal of creativity and permanent readjusting and fine tuning.

That means: Starting at 2,500 € a month, we work to build backlinks that are topic-relevant. Or we go one further and make a move exemplary for profit centers like or associated companies with projects like! Money plays (almost) no role also to that degree, the links are also procured with lots of love and sweat. That also comes from plenty of links which can be clicked on, sometimes more, sometimes less. Clicked on? That happens? Yes! And search machines/Google can recognize these through Chrome, browser plugins, etc. And it was rumored that there would have been value in measuring this interaction… So what has even less value? Sites that don’t rank themselves, or in other words those who put lots of effort into buying links for rankings, which following your day are merely articles which include links to a seller or perhaps an “authority”. By the way, to everyone people who still buy links: in the event the ‘about us’ page is just consists of a photo, think for a while about why that is certainly, or rather why your website operator (link buyer) says they need to do this ;o)

Let us build topic
Relevant backlinks to your business
But time for budgets.
And yes, the act of buying links won’t die out for the while—the effectiveness has quite definitely succeeded in doing so already, though the hunt for them certainly not! Google trends implies that backlinks remains to be a hotly-searched subject:

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Yikes. There really continues to be a great deal available on how to acquire backlinks.
So. Buying backlinks is fundamentally NOT sensible. Not on ebay, freely available marketplaces or other easily (you aren’t so easily) identifiable networks. All of you who are still waiting on hold should check Matt Cutts’ Twitter feed every so often ;o)

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